Hospital Birth Childbirth Class

Learn at your own pace

This virtual course subscription lets you set your own pace for your childbirth class. You can do it all in one sitting or spread out over as much time as you would like. No matter what your plan for your birth is this course will prepare you for your choices no matter wether you are choosing a medicated or an unmedicated birth!

Visual Birth Plan

The course also includes free visual birth plan icons throughout the course so that as you learn about each of your options you can download elements of your birth plan!

Easy to Read

Icons are designed to be easy to read for your hospital birth team!

Variety of style and color options

This allows for you to express your level of firmness on your choices for your labor, birth, opstpartum, and newborn.

Thoroughness of Choices

With over 300 options your visual birth plan is sure to express who you are and what your desires for your birth are!

Choose a Pricing Option

Your Birth Your Way

Having a hospital birth does not mean that you are restricted to a specific kind of birth. And even if you are on the fence about what some of your choices will be for your labor and birth this course can help you feel confident!